You can login to your Learning Management System as a Registered Users, or by using the Self-Registration or Guest Login options. Logging in using any of these options brings you to the Home tab where you can search for, enroll in, and launch offerings. You can also participate in Open Chats and Forum discussions.

Registered Users

  • Enter the Username, Password, and Site Name received from your System Administrator
  • Or enter the Username, Password, and Site Name created when you Self-Registered


If you do not have a Username and Password, you can self-register into the system. Self Registration allows you to create your own user name and password, gaining access into the system for a limited duration of time. The next time you login, you use this Username and Password and login as a Registered User.

  • Go to the New User link in the Self-Registration box on the login page.
  • Click the link to display the Choose Site Page.
  • Enter the Site name given to you by the Administrator of your learning community.
  • Complete the Self-Registration information. Click Help if you have questions about how to complete any of the fields.
  • Click Next to display your registration confirmation.
  • Select the Home tab to begin your learning.

Guest Login*

Guest login allows you to enter into the learning community to preview sample offerings.

  • Enter the Site name set up for Guest Login by the Administrator of your learning community.
  • Click the Login button to preview sample offerings.

*Guest login and self registration may not be enabled in all learning communities.